Dating during college can be tricky. The studying, boozing, partying, gossiping and temporary suspension from the “real world” doesn’t always lend itself to healthy romantic relationships. Depending on the culture of your school, you may find that a lot of folks see college as a time to play around and explore their options, as opposed to doing any serious dating. However, there are also the many couples who find love on ‘the yard’ and stay together long after they’ve turned their tassels.

For those who are looking for love between classes, a new dating site has emerged to help with the search. Datemyschool.com is the creation of two Columbia grads, who seek to hook up serious minded college daters who want to find partners with similar goals and passions. CNN reports that Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer started the site in November, as they finished their final year of business school. It has since launched at 140 other schools across the country. The men claim they were inspired by a female friend who bemoaned the lack of male students in her social work program, a concern they echoed regarding women classmates in their own classes.

The 29-year-old entrepreneurs vow to never open up the site to non-students, as Facebook did once it blew up. One must have a university email account to register on the site. Alexa tells CNN that the site is much “safer” than other sites and that many students are having dates very quickly: “Usually, people have a date within the same day they register,” Alexa said. “If you go to any other dating site, you have to have conversations with other people for weeks before you can be sure it’s safe, that (the person) is not a freak.” Students are not limited to their own university and can also meet folks from other schools.

While many students spend countless hours in bars or campus hangout spots, those with particularly rigorous courses of study may not get the same chance to socialize. Date My School’s founders have certainly found a great audience with them. Considering how quickly the site is growing (20 k users in four months, including the 1,300 Columbia students who signed up in the first week), others are surely giving it a shot as well.

I don’t know how well this would have played out at my alma mater, which is considerably smaller than Columbia and on a more centralized campus where it’s a lot easier to know everyone’s business. I just have visions of people sitting in front of their computers and ripping folks profiles to shreds…or, worse, that awkward moment when you pass someone in the caf after hitting “No, thanks” on one of their messages to you. But, since the site is open to alums, I could see myself using it to meet men after college. If I were single, I’d gladly identify college grads in my area with similar interests…but then, doesn’t it become Match.com? But without the creep 40-year-old White guys who filled up my inbox when I did a free trial? Hmm…

Oh. On a related note, HBCUBootyCall.com launched when I was in college. It was a site created to find sex partners. We were disgusted. Get your freak on, but please leave our school names out of it.

College kids, weigh in: would Datemyschool.com work on your campus? Would you try it? Grads, would you have been down with this while in school? Why or why not?


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