New York Govenor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill in to law late last night that will allow gay couples to marry in what is now the sixth and largest state to recognize same sex marriage.  This now doubles the number of Americans who are eligible for legal gay marriages. Barring legal challenges, gay couples will be able to wed in New York as soon as July 24th of this year.

The Associated Press reports that the bill’s primary opponent, Bronx Democratic Senator Ruben Diaz felt that he didn’t have enough time to present his challenge. “God, not Albany, settled the issue of marriage a long time ago,” said Diaz, who is a minister. “I’m sorry you are trying to take away my right to speak,” he said. “Why are you ashamed of what I have to say?” The Senator did not address the legal separation between church and state that protects those who do not share his religious views from having them legally imposed upon them.

The Catholic Bishops of New York released a statement in regards to the ruling:  “We always treat our homosexual brothers and sisters with respect, dignity and love. We worry that both marriage and the family will be undermined by this tragic presumption of government in passing this legislation that attempts to redefine these cornerstones of civilization.” Because the best way to treat people with “respect, dignity and love” is to, of course, deny them the same rights that others enjoy.

The success of the bill is due in part to two Republican Senators who declared their stance on the matter in the 11th hour. In a statement to the Associated Press, Senator Stephen Saland, who voted against a similar bill in 2009, said  “While I understand that my vote will disappoint many, I also know my vote is a vote of conscience.” Freshman Senator Mark Grisanti of Buffalo echoed Saland’s sentiments: “I apologize to those I offend. But I believe you can be wiser today than yesterday. I believe this state needs to provide equal rights and protections for all its residents,” he said.




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  • Alexandra

    A huge step forward. This is great news

  • Jonathan Gordon

    Believe it or not, I’m not a Jehova’s witness, nut, or extremist. Just a man reaching out. You know, God has other ways of judging people, other than a fiery death. Sometimes, he’ll let people continue on with their depraved practices because no matter what you try to tell them or whatever way you try to reason with them they won’t listen. Most people who do this have already made up their mind at some point in their life that no matter how easy or hard it is to believe His deeds or laws they were not going to obey. They decided they didn’t want his teachings. They decided regardless of how true His words were they were going to do their thing anyway.
    You don’t believe me? Peter severed the ear off of one of Jesus’s persecutors and right in front of them Jesus put this man’s ear back on his head. A great mob of people WATCHED him do this. What did they do? They still crucified Him. They still refused to believe. They CHOOSE not to believe. It wasn’t a matter of His credibility it was a matter of their pride and vanity. Now, fire didn’t devour them either, did it? What happened to Jerusalem afterwards, exactly what He said would happen to them. Their enemies attacked from all sides and destroyed them. It didn’t happen right away either it happend years later. Now, you will find the Roman’s siege of Jerusalem not only in the Bible but secular history also. The Romans too, said the exact same things that you folks said to me shortly before, “Oh, God’s judgement isn’t real”, “Your a fool”, “Why don’t your God proove Himself?”. Because of the Roman empire’s persecution of God’s messengers, they too fell. Romans chapter 1 and 2 “:… Because of their continued disobedience the Lord gave them over to their evil ways and reprobate minds (they reached the state to where they would rather believe a lie instead of the truth).” Read the first and second chapters of Romans. I mean, give it shot and check it out. Or are you so afraid that their might be some truth to it you don’t even want chance it. What do you have to lose if I’m just full of it? On the other hand what do you have to lose if what the bible speaks is true?

    • Emelyne

      Again, you have zero proof that God is real and your religion is correct about him so until you do, stop trying to foist your beliefs on the lives of others.

      “On the other hand what do you have to lose if what the bible speaks is true?” God as depicted in the Bible is misogynistic, homophobic, war-mongering, and genocidal, just for starters. by believing in this garbage, I lose human decency and compassion for anyone who does not live by mine or a deities personal standards. And, according to your god, if I were gay I wouldn’t just be unable to marry but eligible for stoning as well. Again, spare me. Keep your religious beliefs to yourself; to those with half a brain, people and actions will always be more important. You can focus on your unproven afterlife, I’ll be out here living this life.

    • Emelyne

      BTW: I know the Bible better than most Christians and if you want me to quote some of the alleged words and actions of your supposedly loving god, I can and will. But just for the record, the Bible is not proof of anything. Being old does make anything true and a lie uttered over and over is still a lie.

  • Afroartemis

    please stop feeding the troll. this is a time for us to celebrate the strides we are making in the us by slowly extending basic civil rights to gay people. those who wish to embrace their homophobia and ignorance will soon be ostracized by the rest of us. congrats to new york!!

  • Ok this is gonna sound homophobic since anything you say disagreeing with gays seems homophobic these days, but what they are doing isn’t marriage. Marriage is between one man and one woman and has always been defined this way throughout the generations. I have little problem with Antoine and Blaine getting together, but it is a union, but a marriage.

    Here come the “Why do you hate gays?” “Homophobe” “Gay Basher” “Bully” remarks just for disagreeing. SMH.