NYPD is coming under fire for using undue force on hip-hop fans after an incident outside a night club erupted into a street brawl.

The incident occurred outside a party celebrating Smif-N-Wessun and Pete Rock, who were celebrating their new release, ‘Monumentum.’ The event was held at Tammany Hall on New York City’s Lower East Side. While event goers say they had a good time inside the event, on the street outside the club a fight between several partygoers broke out.   Because of the disruption NYPD cops were called to the scene to control the situation. Instead, it appears their presence did just the opposite.

From footage taken outside the club, cops can clearly be seen getting into altercations with several of the people outside.



From his Twitter account Pete Rock chronicled what he saw when he stepped out of the club onto the street. The rapper accused the police of preparing to use force instead of attempting to calm the crowd.

Initial rumors swirled that Pete Rock’s wife and daughter were attacked by the police. So far, the rumors seem untrue. Still, this is another less-than-flattering blemish on the already stained image of New York’s police force.

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  • new moon

    Are we @ all surprised?!

  • BluTopaz

    In the past 3 weeks in NYC there have been several high profile incidents where a fight started among groups o predominantly young Black people. Some anonymous fools started shooting into the crowds for no reason–and innocent bystanders-all young Black people, ended up dead. If i was a cop, i would hate to even have to answer a call like this because some of the folks are out of control.

    Glad nobody got hurt, but we have a long summer ahead of us. People need to be prepared to get out of dodge if they attend certain events.