In case you thought that Oprah was going to be taking time off to bask in the glory of the final chapter of her talk show, think again.

Oprah says that while she had planned on a long vacation after closing her 25th anniversary farewell show, she is cutting her off time short to jump back into the ring.

Speaking at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association convention in Chicago, Oprah said she will be dedicating more of her time to her cable network, OWN:

“The vacation that I thought that I was going to have is over.  I need to be there. I need to be engaged and involved.”

OWN’s rating struggles are no secret.  Just last month, Christina Norman was dismissed from her position as the network’s chief.  The shakeup was seen as the first step in Oprah taking the reins to try to refocus the young network.

Ever open, Oprah spoke candidly about the shaky launch of OWN, saying:

“If I were to do it over again, I’d probably do it differently.”

Still even as OWN seeks to find its footing, Oprah says she is determined to see things turn around.

“I have committed everything I have to this cable venture. I wouldn’t bet against me.”

Word is that Oprah will be making more personal appearances on the network to help pull its ratings up.  The host is said to be putting together a show, “Oprah’s Next Chapter” that will air twice or three times a week.

So who would Oprah like to sit in the interview chair with after years of speaking to some of the world’s most memorable guests?  According to the mogul, there’s always been one person she has wanted to do a face-to-face with.

“I have a dream of O.J. Simpson confessing to me.”

Oprah clarified that she would only be willing to interview O.J. if he admitted to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1994.

“I want the interview on the condition that you are ready, Mr. Simpson,” Oprah said. “And I am going to make that happen, people.”

One thing you can’t say about this woman is that she ever lost her spark.

Would an Oprah interview with O.J. give OWN the boost it needs?  Tell us what you think Clutchettes and gents!

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