From Black Voices — Once upon a time advertisers saw the African-American consumer market as a unique audience, one requiring special messaging, perhaps a feel-good slogan or ads splashed with black faces or voices.

There were cool jingles on urban radio stations and major companies put their money behind black-centric ad campaigns in mainstream and traditional African-American print publications.

But today notions of a post-racial society are killing African-American niche industries. As more black folks have gained entry into mainstream society and some believe the lines between race and buying habits are fading, there is, as Zondra Hughes wrote in a recent blog on The Huffington Post, “a retreat from blackness” when it comes to these niche markets.

Casualties of racial progress?

“Nobody wants to talk about race today,” leading African-American market researcherPepper Miller said during a panel discussion at the 40th annual Rainbow Push Convention. “People believe it’s forward-thinking to not look at race and to not talk about race. ‘So why do we need a Black agency? Why do we need Black media — because people are people,’ is what people say.”


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  • Maurice

    For your information @gisforgiggles…I did read @*lb*rollingstone comments which were thought provoking, very true in many cases, and expanded on the article itself. However, if she can take the time to write the way she did then she can take the time to read the article I don’t think that’s asking too much.

    You’re not the only Haitian here and I totally disagree with this comment of yours about Haitians “…..never understood the AA blacks on this issue, why do you so persistently try to gain affirmation of your validity from white people?” Ooh please! This is an issue not just with AA Blacks but throughout the Caribbean especially in Haiti. Yes, we are a proud people but we are also “color struck” just like every group of black people. So don’t put it all on AA Blacks.

    Lastly, its not up to white people solely to fix this racial problem. We need to start with ourselves. Here you say, “Don’t you get it yet, if white people wanted to fix this racial problem, it could be fixed, but who would they have to look down their noses at?” Are you kidding me? A lot of what we face we can solve ourselves not all but most if we would stop being prejudiced and discriminating against each other. You should know that.