We all know that sometimes politicians act like spoiled children—unable to compromise, and always demanding to get their way.

Today, in a news conference, President Obama took Congress to task for their inability to come to a resolution on many of the issues plaguing our country, including the looming debt ceiling deadline. Instead of directly calling them spoiled brats, President Obama said Congress needs to act more like his daughters, Sasha and Malia, and get their homework done.

President Obama opined:

“Aug. 2 is a very important date and there’s no reason why we can’t get this done now. We know what the options are out there. This is not a technical problem any longer. This is the matter of Congress going ahead and biting the bullet and making some tough decisions.”

ABC News reports:

“You know, Malia and Sasha generally finish their homework a day ahead of time,” Obama said while protesting how long it has taken Congress to work out a deal on raising the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling.

“Malia is 13, Sasha’s 10,” Obama said, as a reporter could be heard saying, “impressive.”

“It is impressive,” Obama said of his daughters. “They don’t wait until the night before. They’re not pulling all-nighters. They’re 13 and 10.”

“You know, Congress can do the same thing,” Obama said. “If you know you’ve got to do something, just do it.”

Let’s see if Congress follows Sasha and Malia Obama’s lead.

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