Recently, I was watching Sex and the City reruns when the episode showing how Carrie met Aiden aired. During the episode, aptly titled, “No Ifs, Ands, or Butts,” Carrie lies to Aiden about her job (she says she’s a designer, not a writer) and the fact that she’s a heavy smoker. For Aiden, a woman that smokes is a complete deal breaker, and Carrie loves her Newports about as much as she loves shoes. So what’s a girl to do? Apparently for Carrie, lie.

Watching the episode got me thinking about all of the times I fudged the truth (just a little!) after meeting a potential boo. The thought was to make the best impression possible, but in the end, lying, even a little one, did little to build a solid foundation for a relationship. Eventually I’d have to woman up and tell the truth, and when that happened, dude would look  at me just a little bit differently.

Over the years, I’ve learned that being myself is more than enough. And if someone doesn’t like me as I am, then it wasn’t meant to work out anyway.

But how about you Clutchettes and Gents…have you ever lied to impress someone? How did it turn out?

Speak on it!


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  • No, but I sure thought about it lmao.

  • Leanee Beanie

    I haven’t dated anyone else since I was 21. I lied to my husband back then to impress him. I lied about what I wanted in life because back then I didn’t have anything figured out and it made me feel like a loser, I lied during a casual conversation in which he said he wanted to have at least 3…and I said I wanted alot of kids too (knowing I only wanted 1 or 2). If we had just met now, I highly doubt I would lie to impress him. I’ve arrived at the age and place where I feel like you take my as I am or leave it alone..

  • ALIG83

    Nope, can’t say that I have especially since I rarely, if ever feel romantically interested in someone.

  • jane

    So NOBODY ever lied about how many partners they had, or how many pple they have kissed, Never, wow you guys are saints