The economy is slowly moving toward recovery, but many are still struggling to find employment. With the national unemployment rate hovering around nine percent, the picture is drastically worse for Blacks and Latinos, who find themselves facing double-digit unemployment rates.

Last weekend Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann addressed her party at the Republican Leadership Conference and had some harsh words for President Obama.

“This president has failed the Hispanic community. He has failed the African-American community,” said Bachmann. “He has failed us all when it comes to jobs.”

While it would be unfair to lay the blame for this country’s economic woes entirely at the feet of President Obama, Bachmann might have stumbled on a point. Despite interventions (and maybe because of Republican blockades), the recovery the President promised has yet to materialize.

But has President Obama “failed” us as Bachmann claims? Let’s talk about it!

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  • Ngozi

    I meant to say no to the question I asked

  • pretty brown eyes

    Let’s be real… Bachmann and her homies in Congress haven’t done anything for black folks either… Of all the GOP candidates, I think Ron Paul is the only one who has strategies to back up his platform. I’m not saying I agree w/ him, but the other candidates are basing their campaigns on fear and tearing down Pres. Obama without offering any real solutions.

  • pretty brown eyes

    For this reason (see above comment), I’m going to vote in the GOP primary in Virginia. Independents can vote in primaries here. I’ll do what I can to keep people like Bachmann out of the White House.

  • Isis

    Blah. There isnt anything anyone of the those repugnants can say to make me not vote for Obama

  • secret6

    Funny how she claims he has failed the Black community but offered nothing as to what the GOP has done to accelerate that failure.