Last week news broke that Congressman Andrew Weiner was caught tweeting an image of his penis to a young women. Although the Congressmen initially denied sending the image, today he admitted to sending sexy pictures of himself to six women he corresponded with on Twitter and Facebook over the course of three years.

A tearful Rep. Weiner apologized to his wife and his constituents for such a “mistake,” but he vigorously insisted that he would not be stepping down from office.

Sex scandals and politics are not strange bedfellows. Former President Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about having sex with Monica Lewinsky, but refused to step down from office. Unlike some other politicians (Eliot Spitzer and John Ensign come to mind) whose career was ended due to scandal, Clinton was able to bounce back and go on to be a force in the political and philanthropic community.

The Rep. Weiner controversy has once again ignited the debate around politicians and sex scandals. Although Rep. Weiner claims he never met or had sex with any of the women he traded pictures with, many are wondering if this scandal will bring him down.

What do you think Clutchettes and Gents, should politicians caught in sex scandals resign from office?

Let’s talk about it!

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  • Domino

    The sad thing is that Weiner is like the only democrat who sticks up for progressives to republicans. But do we care about that? Nope..

  • dvine

    i think it depends.. but i’m sick of tired of these politicians doing the dumbest shyt that you hear others getting caught doin.. then only when they are caught do they now want to try to man up and admit their guilt and apologize.. it opens the door for more scrutiny and questions about what else he may be hiding..

    he is not even a trustworthy man to his wife how can he be trustworthy to the ppl who elected him?!

    i believe a line should be drawn.. if this was a regular joe, holding a regular job – he’d be terminated already..