Father’s Day is just around the corner and it has me feeling a bit nostalgic about my childhood.

Growing up, I was equal parts mama and daddy’s girl, not straying too far from either of them. For a while, my mom won out. I clung to her coattails, trying to mimic her every move, but when I hit 12 things changed. I started to really, really notice boys and found myself deep in the throws of a serious school-girl crush.

Back then, my father was one of the best high school basketball coaches in the city, always shuttling his team from tournament to tournament, never failing to let me ride along (which I was totally psyched about because my crush was on his team).

Another reason I gravitated toward my dad was because he wasn’t as strict as my mother. He’d let me listen to Snoop, Dre, Nas, and Tribe openly while my mother would toss out tapes and dole out lectures on what I should and shouldn’t be listening to. My dad, however, would let me be. He knew I was smart enough to avoid many of the perils his students dealt with, and he knew I was mature enough to make my own choices.

And if that wasn’t enough, my father has always been cool—easily able to fit in with his peers, while still relating to his students.

While I’m aware that in many of our communities fathers can sometimes be a scarcity, every Father’s Day I’m reminded about just how blessed I am to have a man who loves my mother, my brothers, and me fiercely and isn’t ashamed to show it.

Clutchettes and Gents, what do you love most about your father?


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  • RetroChic

    My dad likes to try different restaurants every weekend and his is hilarious about. He’ll put is reading glasses on the end of his nose and go “hmmmm, that looks good but it don’t mean it’ll taste good.”


    • QueenofNewcastle

      Thats very cute.

  • TR

    What do I love most about my father? I love his honesty and transparency. My dad never pretended to be superman. He never tries to act like life doesn’t get the best of him sometimes. For this reason my father and I can have real man to man talks. We can get deep and be real with one another. As I have become a man with grown up responsibilities (wife and children) I have more appreciation for my father. In my early 20’s it was easy to see everything my father wasn’t. I was so ignorant then. I actually thought I knew something. Now I as I hit my mid 30’s I realize everything my father is. I see just how valuable he is. It is amazing what growing up, gaining real responsibilities and living real life will do for your perspective.

  • QueenofNewcastle

    My dad was a hippy so we listened to a lot of classic rock in the house and he was an awesome air guitarist. I loved how he was a great driver. I loved being in my dad’s car while he was driving.

  • TPerk

    I love how funny my dad is! I just called him to wish him a Happy Father’s Day and he had my roommate and I cracking up. I also loves call him when he is in the car because when I ask him what he is doing, he always sings the chorus of “Pappy Was a Rolling Stone” instead of answering.