I was perusing the Colorlines website today when I came across a poem about the haunting nature of painful memories by Beau Sia.

In the poem, “Memory Sucks,” Sia laments the loss of a girlfriend by wishing he could forget every single detail, every moment, every song, every movie, and every joyous occasion they ever shared.

Sia writes, “If I had more pride, I’d burn every photo with a memory in it/If I had less pride, I’d show up with a boom box and play that song  I don’t want to think about right now until the cops came.”

Listening to Sia recount the leftover memories of a failed relationship made me remember a few of my own: my first break up, the songs that still remind me of him, the spot in Brooklyn where we’d used to spend every Saturday night.

Memories can be tricky, and like the song says, “they don’t live like people do…” As much as we’d like to forget some of our most painful recollections, they stick with us. Sometime we are able to push them to the corners of our mind, and others, they come rushing back, bringing the pain, hurt feelings, and anger with them.

But what say you Clutchettes and Gents? What is one memory you wish you could forget?

Let’s talk about it!


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