The weekend’s here and you know what that means: date night!

Whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship, or just getting to know a potential boo, for many of us the weekends are often filled romance and excitement.

Most already know what they want in a mate. Our list of “must-haves” is long and detailed, but there are some things that can’t be captured by a list. Even if a potential boo looks good on paper, without that initial “spark,” it can be hard for any sort of romantic relationship to progress.

For me, a well placed kiss, a whispered joke, and a slow dance are just some of the things that can trigger that “spark.”

But what about you Clutchettes and Gents? What turns you on?

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    I love a man who not only can GIVE good love, but who can also TAKE it when I put myself in the vulnerable position of giving it to him 100% with sweet abandon.

  • Ms. Terious

    Intelligence and confidence. I love a dominant man that knows what he wants and knows how to take charge. Ugh..weak, spineless, indecisive “I dont know what I wanna do..what do you wanna do?” type of guys are a total turn OFF!

  • Girl

    I agree with Monica..openminded. I like many things some people find “weird” for a black person not to talk of black woman and a man who can share such things with me is such a turn on it’s unbelievable, Ive only had ONE person like that in my life and Im still not over him cos Ive yet to find someone else with the same rationale
    intelligence – I love to argue so a man that can take me on RESPECTFULLY turns me on
    A guy that knows how to dress. *sighs* esp in a TAILORED suit.
    One who cooks without being asked, actually enjoys it.
    One who is affectionate, has no problem kissing spontanpously while we’re walking, hugs from behind, etc

    other things but those are the 3 things that really get me going

  • afroDizzy

    Seth Rogen

    • afroDizzy

      Before the weight loss