It’s no secret Rihanna loves to have a good time and the “What’s My Name?” singer went hard partying it up a few nights ago. According to reports, the star blacked out in the club and had to be escorted out by her security team.

Rihanna has been photographed stumbling into her vehicle after a long night of partying before, but this time it appears she made it home under the paparazzi radar. However, avid stans did not get left in the dark about Rih Rih’s night out thanks to (of course) Twitter.

Waking up the next morning, Rihanna took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the night, tweeting to her followers what she had heard about her antics the previous night.

Personally, I’m not mad at Rih Rih for doing her but it did make me think about how easy Twitter can take drunk texting to the extreme. Not only does the little blue ‘Tweet’ button make it possible to share 140 character drunk musings, it can also send out some unflattering PR across the digital universe.

A few years back, I remember Google tested out their “Drunk Email Filter,” which would ask you to input the answer to a mathematical equations or answer a series of security questions before you could send an email between the hours of 12-4 AM. It may not be such a bad idea for Twitter to implement a filter of it’s own.

What are your thoughts on intoxi-tweeting: embarrassing or nothing a morning ‘Delete Tweet’ can’t fix? Share your thoughts, Clutchettes- weigh in!

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  • Samantha W.

    No Big Deal. Do you boo. I love her. She seems free, happy, and young. Some of us have done worse.

  • sunshyne84

    It doesn’t matter unless you’re an emotional drunk and people you actually know follow you.

  • Lol. She is a mess! I’ll keep it funky, I have intoxitweeted before too. I will agree with Necole Bitchie Twitter can be the devil to some celebs (ie Chris brown). It’s interesting to see some of these people unfold on Twitter…Opposed to just watching them on television or do fake interviews where they are coached on what to say by PR teams. I like Rihanna, and I would be lying if I said some of her crazy twitter antics didn’t make me like her more. I feel like she is someone I would actually chop it up with.

    • TR

      To be fair, many of them are coached on social media sites as well. A lot of that stuff on twitter is staged drama to keep people hooked.

    • isolde


      That’s funny that you should mention that because the thought of Ri having a comedy writer has crossed my mind once or twice. However, she’s proven to be quick and clever with the off the cuff zingers, so all this may very well be authentic. My personal favorite “drunk” tweet of Ri’s was . . . “I swear to drunk, I’m not God” That right there should be on a bumper sticker.

  • Drunk tweets are one of the things that makes twitter fun. twitter, for the most part, is an arena full of mostly uncensored thoughts, add some liquor and it becomes the moment of truth. I’ve had some awesome drunk tweets, I’d say so at least lol. If you divulge to much you can always just delete them or blame it on the alcohol lol.

    @FullCupLover if you wish

  • jadedone

    I actually use the Google mail goggles (the equations) as part of my emails all the time. I thought I needed the arithmetic practice.