After years of debate, research, and speculation, the experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) recently decided that cell phones might possibly pose an increased risk of brain cancer in humans.

The recent decision to categorize cell phones as a carcinogen is surprising, however. Just last year a WHO study found little evidence to support a link between cell phones and brain cancer.

So why the flip-flip?

Apparently, a group of 31 experts from 14 countries reviewed the data and found that the evidence—though small—did support a possible connection between cell phone use and cancerous and noncancerous brain tumors.

Before you toss out your BlackBerry, however, relax. Cell phones, which were labeled a risk level “2B,” are just one item on a long list of potential carcinogens which includes items such a gasoline, coffee, lead, and pickled vegetables.

Listen to the entire NPR Story below. Are you worried about a link between cell phones and cancers?

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  • Tamara

    everything can cause cancer nowadays… before you know it they will come out with a research that walking on the streets can give you leg or feet cancer… =\

  • Used to do


    You read my mind. I literally was going to say that.

  • whit

    Picked vegetables? Or pickled vegetables?