In addition to being one of the faces of Carol’s Daughter, Solange Knowles will also be the face of Rimmel London for the beauty giant’s fall campaign– a responsibility that she doesn’t take lightly.

“I am very careful of ever putting the role model tag on my shoulders. I am human and I am expected to have imperfections and make mistakes,” said Solange. “However, if there are positive things I do that inspire or influence people I feel like my purpose as a person is that much more fulfilled. When I announced my role with Rimmel, I felt really proud to see such a positive response especially being that I represent someone of color, a single mom, an artist…and that I don’t have to compromise my views to do so!”

Solange will represent for women of color showcasing the brand’s makeup looks on beautiful brown skin. With her youthful and eclectic style, Solange is the perfect fit for the brand. “I have always been passionate about make-up because it allows me to express my personality and style. I’m very excited about representing Rimmel because it’s such a young, vibrant, on-trend brand.”

While she seems to be the go-to celebrity for beauty brands looking to embrace the younger black market, her beauty tips are about more than makeup and hair products. Her advice to feel your most beautiful? “Be healthy, be happy, be beautiful, be whole-heartedly you!” she told Rimmel London.

We love Solange and we can’t wait to see more of the campaign when it debuts! Read more of Solange’s interview with Rimmel London here.

Do you think Solange is the right fit for Rimmel London?

-Channing Hargrove

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  • Jay

    Isn’t Rimmel’s darkest color foundation like… beige?

    • TasteMaker

      yep. They don’t have any foundation for women darker than Solange. What good is marketing to black women if you don’t have products that flatter their skin tone? sigh

  • June

    I love the eyeshadow colors. I am a prescriptive’s girl, but will give these a look.

  • Fox

    I’m just glad she is doing more on her own instead of trying to sing like her sister.

  • solange has a great face for color cosmetics, because she has a large lid space for extravagant eyeshadow and full lips to market lipcolor, but i would love to see her represent a brand that caters more to women of color. revlon and covergirl cater more to us than rimmel ever would. i really wish sleek cosmetics would come to the us. they have shades for women of all ethnicities and is cheap, perfect for competing in the drugstore with other brands