Alicia Keys held her annual gala for her charity, Keep a Child Alive, last night in the London. The star-studded affair brought together supporters of the charity to help raise money for the non-profit which aims to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa, India an other parts of the developing world.

With her hubby Swizz Beatz by her side, Alicia took the red carpet looking stunning in a strapless gown with a feathered train. The singer and philanthropist co-hosted the event with popular DJ Mark Ronson and was also joined by Tinie Tempah and Boy George as well.

However, one guest was noticeably missing and Alicia was sure to call him out for snubbing Keep a Child Alive. Pop legend, George Michael, cancelled his scheduled headlining performance just hours before the event. And while the “Careless Whisper” crooner is known for his smooth ways, Alicia did not waste a minute fawning.

Taking to Twitter, Alicia wrote:

“#Blackball Uk was a TREMENDOUS Success!!!!

but one question…..what kind of person bails on 15million orphans…..#GEORGEMICHEAL???? ;-(.”

Michael claimed that he was unable to attend the event due to a toothache that would’ve hindered him from singing at the event. Earlier on, he tweeted:

“Hi boyz n girls….bad news im afraid. This tooth ain’t getting better in time for tonight, not enough to sing anyway,” he told his followers. “I’m really sorry folks. You watch, it’ll be totally fine by tomorrow. Bloody typical. I hope not too many of my lovelies managed to grab a ticket.

Still, Micheal was gracious in his thoughts on Alicia and her organization, tweeting:

“Of course I’d recommend going anyway, Alicia is great live, and @KeepaChildAlive is great charity to donate to.”

Was Alicia justified in airing her feelings on George Michael’s cancellation on Twitter?  Tell us what you think Clutchettes!

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  • MiMi

    That was immature of Keys, but what should we expect from a person like her. These celebrities and in general people need to learn some tact in handling their business. I bet if something happened with her and she needed to cancel last minute she wouldn’t want someone taking to twitter or facebook ranting and complaining about her actions. You would want them to speak with you offline, but these celebrities are a bunch of donkey butts (trying not to curse here). GET SOME CLASS KEYS!!!!

  • Emelyne

    And she wonders why she’s still on blast for f*cking a married man, smh. This woman continues to showcase how classless she is with every move she makes!

  • Rhuebekah

    Maybe she does not know what tooth pain feels like. It is paralyzing! Ouch!