Sun, sand, amethyst blue water, vacationing off the coast on a charted yacht. No this isn’t an episode of the Rich & Famous, it is the epitome of travel luxury. Celebs like Jay-Z and Beyoncé are known for jet-setting to exotic locales, lounging on million dollar yachts and tanning in the lap of luxury. However, stars are not the only ones who can indulge in their fantasies and exotic destinations are open to everyone with the desire and credit limit.

We all deserve to live the life of our dreams and that includes seeing the breathtaking views of the world and watching the sunset from an ocean view. Here are five luxury dream vacations to add to your bucket list.

Saint Barts

P.Diddy and the fashion set love this French-Caribbean island for its white sand beaches, turquoise water and decidedly West Indian flavor.

Ibiza, Spain

Prepare to party in Ibiza. Renowned for its nightlife, Ibiza is a non stop party town, complete with beautiful beaches, hot clubs, beautiful strangers. Naomi Campbell is a frequent vacationer.


A little slice of paradise is what the Maldives should be called. A remote group of islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives houses luxury villas, crystal oceans, palm trees. It is paradise personified.

Abu Dhabi

The desert with it’s intense heat and mysterious allure. Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is wealth personified. A metropolis in the middle of the Middle East, Abu Dhabi has much to offer from luxury hotels to camel rides and authentic hookah.

Saint Tropez

The chic French Riviera is internationally known for its European flair, shopping and wealth. With a lax atmosphere, many beaches are come as you wish and it is a staple for models, fashion designers and celebrities alike.

What is your dream vacation? What exotic locale would you love to see?

-Fajr Muhammad

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