• alwaysgraceful

    taraji of a truth should have rec’d an award for her role in “i can do bad all by myself”. she was superb! however, the award was given to monique for the movie “precious” for her loud nasty mouth and ways. and she was good but…we’re better than that and when will hollywood recognize us for being that? when will hollywood recognize blacks as doing good powerful roles in good movies!? taraji also was in another good movie with brad pitt. she received the nomination…but not the award! she is truly gifted and hollywood still sees us as doing good in sleezy or dirty roles and not as strong powerful and even positive roles. miss taraji henderson did two powerful roles, with bradd pitt and especially in “i can do bad all by myself”. that was a gooood movie and the sister was superb and yet received no recognition. the devil is a liar! by the way monique was good and monique was being monique? that was one nasty movie. the color purple did a beautiful job in portraying such reality. precious was too filthy… showing us being to be too gruesome.

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