Like most Hollywood award shows, the Primetime Emmys are largely the result of campaigning by networks to secure wins for their shows and staff by courting voters. For the first time in history, Telemundo has made a push to have one of it’s shows considered among the typically English-speaking lineup.

La Reina del Sur (The Queen of the South) is the biggest show in the Spanish network’s history, according to NPR’s Morning Edition. It chronicles the tale of a woman who falls in love with a drug lord and somewhat accidentally becomes a powerful trafficker herself. In a 62 episode run, it has been shot in four countries, with multiple casts and using high definition technology.

Last month’s season finale had ratings that bested English language networks in all of the major US Markets. However, the Emmy fight is still a long shot, as most Emmy voters don’t speak Spanish. Telemundo sent out screeners with Engligh subtitles to ensure members of the Academy of Arts and Sciences could enjoy the show; they also hosted screenings in Los Angeles.

Even if the Emmy bid is unsuccessful, it seems that the campaign is still a smart move for a network that is attempting to increase it’s cross-over appeal. “They want to get the word out about the amazing growth of the network and the tremendous growth of the Spanish-language programming in the United States, and this is as much about marketing as about winning,” says Alex Ben Block, senior editor of the Hollywood Reporter .




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  • Genuinesol

    This may sound petty but, I find it nearly impossible to support networks such as Telenova that do not reflect the immense diversity of Latin America and the Spanish Caribbean. Nearly every main character on their shows are whitewashed when in fact, very few Latinos in South America, Central America, Mexico, and especially the Caribbean identify as white. The majority identify as mulattoes and in many Spanish speaking countries there are MASSIVE segments of the population that identify as black, many more that are black but give precedence to their nationality, and the majority that has a huge African heritage.

    Until TeleNova reflects this in their shows; it is just very difficult for me to support them. Thank goodness I have no time for television anyway. ;)

  • rkj

    Spanish language TV is regularly beating the big 4 networks in prime time. Why not include them?
    I can’t relate to most of the shows honored. Adding a Spanish language show to the mix wouldn’t be much different. lol