Aspiring NBA groupies have a new anthem via the Gold Diggin’ Divas, who have released a remake of Webbie’s 2007 hit “Independent”. According to their YouTube page: ‘”Codependent” is the first single from the New Orleans raised Gold Diggin Divas. Now living in Los Angeles, the Cox sisters rap about everything from blingin and spending cash, to wearing Louis Vuitton, Gucci, & Chanel, to driving your Bentley and poppin’ bottles of Ace of Spades while catching a tan.”

Le sigh.

While this is surely some sort of attempt at humor, it’s rather depressing that Rap music has made itself such an easy target for these jokes. If the rhymes had been just a little bit tighter and had their been a random Black dude spitting a verse (and if they hadn’t jacked a song from 2007 to flip), the track would be not only¬†believable, but not so different from what we’re used to from music these days.

At least they aren’t saying the ‘N-word’.

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  • Isis

    lmaooo I liked it actually. I mean shit if I had that “look” I would go after a baller too. They know their worth. Its sad that many women don’t know their worth. I say do you!!! I don’t like the term gold digger though. A pretty woman doesn’t have to marry a broke man and a rich man doesn’t have to marry an unattractive woman. It’s simply an exchange of power.

  • Daja

    clearly this is a parody for some sisters who want to make a name for themselves with comedy.

  • no solidarity

    This is what most black sports stars and entertainers want….yet then they trash black women, yet let these women stay on their pedastal.

    They prefer women at their own level, vain superficial and fake.

  • jane

    this is great stuff!!! “if you aint ballin, sit down, if you aint ballin, sit down…………” Maybach music

  • Adelle

    The important matter is not whether they’re black or not. The important matter is that they are allowed to pollute the web with such pseudo-songs. Next thing I’m expecting is a mash up of this musical miscarriage with Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’. It shall be called ‘Friday: The Codependency Day’. And, in order to achieve the capacity to destroy the time-space fabric, and the world at once, Mrs. Biebs could drop a verse. After all, this is the times we live in, times when music is done by autotuning one’s farts and rapping on the fecal result.