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  • I like his music and mixtapes and other collaborations.

  • Set

    I luv his music, funny I just twitter about him today n followed him on twitter.

  • Real Talk

    What has happened to our music? Not feeling this cat at all. There is no soul or feeling in many of these new cats coming out. This trans-euro/electronica movement needs to go sit down. There is no depth, no richness, and no soul in this tinny sounding music. I mean I get being “different” and all that, but being different doesn’t always equate to being “good”…….case and point….this guy.

    And why is the song so devil like? The song is straight creepy.

    Come on my artist, producers, A+R’s…… there is good talent out there that know how to make good music and the public deserves to hear and see it. Black music needs a SERIOUS COME BACK. I wasn’t going to write a comment at fist because I said let me keep my negative comment to myself, but then I said forget that, people need to know that sub par music isn’t acceptable. Step up your game fam!!!