I know some things are better left unsaid, but I don’t think I can take it anymore. Some of the ‘trends’ or perhaps fashion faux pas that some of our men are wearing have got to die. It’s not just poor fashion choices, but there are major issues when it comes to some men’s general upkeep. Now that the weather is warm, I spend a lot more time outside, and have had the opportunity to observe men and some of the choices that they make. Just out of pure annoyance, I thought I’d put together a list of some of my no-nos when it comes to a man’s look.

Ladies, what male trends and looks do you wish would die?

I Can See Your Underwear!
The phrase, “if you got it flaunt it” doesn’t work for everyone. For the woman who wants to show off her figure, wearing a hip hugging skirt will do just that. For the man who wants to show off his behind, wearing baggy jeans that expose his Hanes tighty-whitey underpants does not exude sexiness. There are two problems with this. One, I should never be able to tell the brand and make of your undergarments. Two, no one wants to see the crack of your behind. The truth is, fitted pants are in. Men, embrace it.

XXXXL T-Shirts
I know some of you may be asking yourselves, “men still wear extra EXTRA long t-shirts?” The answer to that is an unfortunate yes. Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with a man wearing a shirt that is a size or two larger than his size. Let’s be honest, some men can’t get away with the extra tight fitted shirts. If there are no muscles and cuts to highlight, then there is no need to draw negative attention. However, for the men who are buying t-shirts four and five sizes larger than necessary, please stop. Your t-shirt has now turned into a dress. All you need is a belt, and you’re ready to go.

Overexposed Chest Hair
Its summertime, both men and women are shedding their clothes for a lighter and breezier look and feel. Fellas, if you are going to wear v-necks and low cut shirts, please do yourself a favor and cut off the excess hair on your chest. Most men would be appalled if women wore bikinis with their bushes creeping out of the forest. Men, I don’t want to see your bushy taco meat hairs peeking out from under your shirt. It’s borderline repulsive, and has got to stop.

Groomed Hair
I get that most men don’t sit around braiding their own hair. However, if you keep your hair braided, be sure to schedule a hair appointment in due time. There is nothing worse than seeing a man with unkempt braids. Bottom line, if you are going to wear braids, have them groomed.

Too Much Cologne
Nothing turns me on more than when a man walks into a room looking and smelling good. A nice cologne or fragrance on a man can work wonders. However, when a man wears too much of a too cheap cologne, the affects are the opposite. Invest in good cologne, and don’t over do it.

Ok, so I could go on forever, but I thought I would only name a few. Ladies, what do you think? What things do men wear and do that you wish they didn’t?

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  • ALIG83

    1. Du-Rags/Stocking Caps in public
    2. Sagging pants
    3. Two pairs or more of shorts under sagging pants
    3. Cocked baseball hat/Skully hat propped on top or side of head
    4. Tank tops as outerwear
    5. Timberland/Nike boots in the summer
    6. Shorts that come to the ankle
    7. Too small/Too big t-shirt
    8. Fronts/Gold or Silver caps
    9. Bubble vests and baggy pants
    10. Extra long basketball shorts
    11. Baggy suit
    12. Suit with tennis shoes
    13. Sagging pants with over-sized boxers showing
    14. Guys 14 and older wearing braids or their hair half braided
    15 Guys wearing pony tails/afro puffs because their hair needs to be braided
    16. Dreads that have been dyed
    17. Extra long polo/oxford style shirts
    18. Socks with slippers/flip flops
    19. Gaudy, fake gold watched
    20. Diamond earrings in BOTH ears

    • Mikkette


    • Keisha

      I agree 100% to all!! Great list!!

      #16 dyed dreads! o_0 *shudder*

  • Mikkette

    I agree with this 100%. I absolutely despise this look. You know the sad part about it… especially for the youngsters wearing this…they are still growing and when they wear their pants like that it causes them to walk sort of penguin like…and what they are doing is making their bodies adapt to this abnormal way of walking thus resulting in deformities. When they do reach full adult hood if we live long enough to see it…. they are going to be deformed and basically be sporting the look of the cartoon character Popeye…ugg…ugg…uug..ugg…uggg… It is so sad. That is the future look of our Bruthas….ie MUTANTS.

    • ALIG83

      A lot of Black men walk like they need a hip replacement or something.

  • Kerry

    All of the above, + :

    – TRIMMED EYEBROWS, wtf is wrong with you?
    – GLOSS, leave that to the gay population.
    – “GUY-LINER”, eyeliner for guys. Pharaohs doing it back in the day is not an excuse.
    – TATTOOS, skin is too freaking gorgeous for this, I personally can’t stand tattoos.
    – FLAMBOYANT COLORS, one item is ok, but if you have a red shirt on, yellow jeans, red sneakers with yellow laces, and a red and yellow cap on, you’ve gots to GO!!
    – RELAXERS, I don’t give a damn if you’re James Brown’s biggest fan, he didn’t get a pass with me for this and you won’t either!
    – METROSEXUAL PURSE / MAN PURSE, like Kanye or Pharell, girl…I mean boy please!!! So what it’s Louis Vuitton? Get outta here with that crap!!
    – SHOWER SHOES, don’t even talk to me……..don’t approach me!!