One of Summer’s It Colors is a vivid blend of orange and yellow which designers have described as everything from “tigerlily” to “bright orange.” The resplendent hue looks beautiful against brown skin. It’s at once warm due to the orange color and bursting with energy because of the yellow undertone. Women with various skin tones like Kelly Rowland, Beyonce and Ajak Deng have been photographed rocking various shades of the emboldened color.

Here are some of our favorite bright orange looks:



What do you think of the color? Would you rock it?

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  • Woah, love the colour! Too bad I can’t carry it. I’m “cool colour”.

  • DelphineBlue

    1) in my next life I want legs like Kelly’s, and those heels!!-why doesn’t she have a modeling contract? dude behind her is smitten

    2) Ajak looks like an African goddess in that photo-PLEASE TELL ME WHICH MAGAZINE THIS IS FROM?!

    3) this pretty orangsicle color looks awful on me, i’m sitting this trend out

  • Oh this looks lovely! I’ve been meaning to try bold colors for myself this summer.

  • Love this color! Would definitely rock it during the summer