Dame Vivienne Westwood is the veritable queen of British fashion. Her career has spanned from 1970’s punk to modern day and through it all, she has remained authentic and true to her own eclectic sense of style. She is a design powerhouse worldwide and the industry looks to her to create unique and powerful collections each season.

Vivienne is using her power to empower the lives of women who are less fortunate. She is releasing a limited-edition collection of accessories named Ethical Fashion Africa. She has partnered with YOOXYGEN and the International Trade Center to help African women learn design skills that will allow them to earn a living for themselves and thus lift themselves out of poverty.

The handbags, laptop cases and key rings are all 100% handmade in Nairobi from recycled materials including safari tents and roadside advertisement banners. Each one is completely unique and original, with no two looking exactly alike. The collection is a perfect combination of eco-friendly design, style and philanthropy.

Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Fashion Africa Collection retails for $49-$339. Visit www.yoox.com to purchase.

What do you think of Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Fashion Africa Collection?

-Faith Cummings


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  • It’s a good marketing gimic for Westwood, but is canvas and an crest the closest that she could get to a representation of African fashion culture? Personally I think its a lame attempt and does not say much for the fashion or culture of Africa, but I guess it will get merchandise sold and that the real point, isn’t it?

  • GEO

    simply the best, the awesome color really brighten my eyes !

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  • If Ms. Westwood’s collection is an example of good taste, I’m please Michelle Obama seeks other designer clothes. Can you imagine Michelle in this gawdy looking gold designer outfit? Hooker city. That’s what the GOP would say. But Ms. Westwood’s the expert. I just know what I like.