From Frugivore – “The biggest killer of people is food. It kills more people than AIDS, than gun violence, than war, and anything you can name. Everybody keeps catching strokes and heart attacks.” – Fat Joe

Recently, Fat Joe revealed that he lost 88 pounds in an effort to regain control over his health. As hip-hop greats, such as Biggie, Pun, and Missy Elliott, have struggled with weight, it’s unfortunate that health has not become an integral part of hip-hop discourse. When the lyrics are spat and done, who wants to lose a great MC over a preventable death? Hip-hop is bigger than a platinum record. And its influence ought to transcend music into health and fitness.

In a recent World Star Hip Hop video, Fat Joe recounts losing seven friends to heart attacks in the last year. All of them were thirty-something years old. Not to mention, Big Pun died in his late twenties to a heart attack, weighing over 700 pounds. It may have taken a decade, but Fat Joe says his fame won’t save him. Obesity kills any and everyone that falls victim to a food addiction or genetic predisposition. And next to experiencing it, nothing is more painful than watching a loved one eat their way to death.

I have a numerous family members that struggle with food addictions. Some acknowledge it, some pretend as if it’s not an addiction. Regardless, all have obesity-related health struggles, but it’s difficult to reprimand your elders for eating something you know they shouldn’t. Not to mention, it’s disappointing to see the same insouciance in a music genre that you love unconditionally.

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