From The Grio —  We’re all familiar with that one friend or family member that you love to death, but wish would just go away every now and again. In the world of entertainment, this feeling has to be quadrupled.

For many upcoming stars, the friends and family they keep around are just as important as the way they speak and present themselves publicly. Making the choice to keep a group of your friends and family close for the ride can be a detrimental factor to success. Just as they’re the first to support, they’re also known to be the first to possibly damage the stability of mountains of hard work.

Hip-hop has become synonymous with entourages. They’ve been present with rising rappers since the ’70s and have reached such a plateau of presence amongst the public that they’ve been replicated and parodied continuously. Its most popular comedic portrayal today has been seen through Tracy Morgan’s support characters on 30 Rock — Grizz and Dot Com. Malibu’s Most Wanted became an instant classic based upon a similar theme, and even Eminem’s semi-autobiographical story in 8 Mile solidifies the strength of the power the entourage has on the rising star.


The feud between R&B’s re-emerging prince, Chris Brown, and genre-free new crooner Frank Ocean went from a silly battle of ‘the best insult in 140-characters’ to a pathetic fail in 6 days. While Ocean is steadily gaining respect following the release of his album-turned-mixtapeNostalgia/UltraBrown is still very much on the chopping block in terms of his public persona.

Odd Future, the art collective belonging to Ocean and nine others, clashed with Brown when what was supposedly a complimentary tweet led to a retaliatory tweet by Ocean. “I [expletive] with Frank Ocean! Reminds me of a young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum,” wrote Brown. “I [expletive] with chris brown, reminds me of a young sisqo or ike turner,” responded Ocean — a strong sting, but no physical harm done.

Yet, the internet virally exploded early Thursday morning when a quick 35-second clip filmed an annoyed Ocean followed in his car by three taunting “men.” Claiming to be the cousins of Brown, they can be seen pulling up alongside Ocean towards a stoplight while yelling “Catch the fade!” Odd Future’s leader, Tyler the Creator, later took to Twitter to end the feud following another near-physical altercation between parties. Brown agreed: “it’s stupid.”

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  • zy

    maybe i’m mistaken here but being comppared to a young Sisqo is not really such a horrible thing, the man is talented and can blow and let’s face it… Chris had to know someone was going to compare the 2 once he dyed his hair blonde… As for the Ike Turner comment… that was a low blow. lol

  • I like Frank Ocean but he wen’t a little over board in his tweets especially since Chris’s tweets were more of a compliment than an insult and James Fauntleroy and Kevin Cossum are to great song writers and Frank Ocean does sound a bit like James Fauntleroy.”shrugs,” I also think Chris needs to stay off of twitter for a while cause it ain’t getting him nowhere good fast!

  • Uhmm No

    Chris Brown is so obviously HARD CORE IGNORANT & SELF DESTRUCTIVE that it is not even funny.

    Chris Brown is ARROGANTLY DUMB

  • sunshyne84

    I saw some guys on twitter saying someone calling you a young version of someone else was like a diss. They seem to think someone is saying you’re cool, but you still have a long way to go or something to that effect. I think that’s pretty silly, but some people’s logic is just….different.