By now, we all know the age-old rule of only wearing one print at a time is boring. Mixing different prints has taken a life of themselves and proven to be an art form. Purposely wearing a dress with a patterned top and a contrasting bottom is wildly exciting and fresh—and we can’t get enough of it.

But before you attempt the trend, here are some rules to keep it fashion-forward and chic:

1. Be careful not to choose two prints that are incredibly busy. In June Ambrose’s look, the leopard takes centerstage and the stripes are less busy.

2. You don’t necessarily have to stick with a color scheme. Just make sure the colors are complimentary. Clashing colors like red and green for example can make your look jarring.

3. Mix prints that are two different sizes. Pick a top with a large print but wear a smaller print on the bottom to give some much-needed variety.

4. Be confident! You have to wear this trend with some attitude.

So if your closet is full of plaids, stripes and florals, try mixing them together for a high fashion moment that will warrant a second look.

Would you try mixing prints? What are you favorite prints to mix?

-Krystal Franklin


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  • Dragonlady73

    Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I find it hard pressed that she has stayed relevant because I find her style sense more than questionable. Those god-awful turbans and oversized square sunglasses are hideous at best. There is nothing I have seen on her as of late that I would want to emulate, but again–that’s just me.

    • BluTopaz

      No it’s not just you, she always looks like she is trying soooooo hard to have a signature look. Those turbans and glasses make her look like that Madam puppet from the seventies. And she’s pretty with a nice figure, don’t know why she detracts from that.

  • She looks beautiful! I’m going to go into my closet and try to replicate the look.

  • so_what_u_have_an_opion

    (sucking my teeth) if print mixing is not your thing, thats cool. whats with the attack? hatin on people you don’t know is a reflection and projection of yourself.

    • BluTopaz

      lol-yes folks have an opinion, and you obviously don’t have spell check. And what did people with limited vocabularies use before the word ‘hatin’ came into vogue?