Contrary to popular belief, all women do not want to have children. Shocking, I know.

I was watching the Today Show this morning, when they profiled Lilit Marcus, a woman who proudly does not want to have children. Although she is fairly certain in her decision, many have told her that she’ll probably change her mind…eventually.

Since the beginning of time, women have been taught that being a mother completes us and makes us “real women.” Although this is total bullshit (and I say this as the mother of a 5-year-old), many of us have fallen for the rhetoric.

Thankfully, more and more women are choosing what’s actually best for them, whether that means being a mother or staying childfree.

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With the economy still struggling, it’s no surprise that more and more couples are choosing to remain childfree. Not only does it save money (do you know how much I pay in tuition for my son’s private kindergarten? Shesh!), but remaining childfree allows couples to have more freedom and spontaneity.

Whether you decide to dive headfirst into motherhood or remain blissfully childfree, the beauty is, the choice is yours. With a bevy of birth control and family planning options available, the only person who can control your choice to live life with or without a child is you.

What do you think, Clutchettes? Do you plan on having children one day? Why or why not?

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