Whether you’ve recently graduated, are stuck in a job you hate or just plain stuck right now, chances are you’ve probably been real busy working on your next move, because a clutchette doesn’t stay stuck. But even the most go-getting go-getters need to take a break from whatever grind she’s currently on, and catch-up with her crew to get and give support and encouragement, and just have some great girl time.

Here are some fresh ideas for doing just that!

Build-A-Beauty Bar
If you’re a product junkie like many of us with a boudoir full of beauty favorites, you likely have a box of beauty busts sitting somewhere too; products you were positive were beauty do’s, that turned out to be beauty don’ts. But, you’re make-up mishaps could be your BFs’ beauty finds-of-the-year. So drag out that box, have your friends bring over their makeup no’s—because they just might be holding your beauty YES– and set-up a beauty bar for everyone to play in.

Catch-up to Clutch Roses
Get caught-up with what’s current in your friends lives with “Clutch Roses,” a cocktail created especially for the Clutchette by Manouschka Gurrier, owner of Single Serving , a Los Angeles based brand “where she celebrates the single life and teaches other singles how to serve up chic, easy and affordable meals.” Manouschka also showed off her cooking skills to the well-lived on the Food Network’s Private Chefs of Beverly Hills. See the recipe for “Clutch Roses” below.

Make Beautiful Music Together
Share each other’s favorite power song lists, get inspired together, and download what you don’t have—but need from your friends’ lists, for powerful daily starts. You can never have too much empowering music to get you going in the mornings, or to reset when it’s a down day.

Mix Fitness with Fun
Since the music’s playing, join Michelle Obama, Beyonce, and a bunch of kids across America in the Let’s Move campaign by learning—or trying to learn Beyonce’s remixed moves in “Move Your Body.” This could be the beginning of a fitness club, or this could be a total crack-up. Either way, calories will burn!

Get Styled By Your BF’s!
You know that fearless girlfriend who’s always suggesting you wear your hair different in a standout style, or add a little more sexy to your wardrobe? You love her style—for her. She’s Alexander McQueen, you’re Diane von Furstenberg. But what if she could successfully fuse together a bit of her edginess with your ladylike-ness—and you like it? It couldn’t hurt to give her styling tips a try for one night. Trust her to tell you the truth. It’s Girls Night In after all, and this is playing dress-up for the grown and sexy! You just might like the look she created for you so much that Girls Night In turns into Girls Night Out.

Clutch Roses
Recipe Courtesy of Manoushcka Guerrier

2 parts Lemon Vodka, like Absolut Citron
1 part simple syrup*
Splash of Rose Syrup
Lemon Zest
Soda Water
Organic Rose Petals

Want a drink that looks and tastes opulent? Take 2 parts of lemon vodka (count to 4) and pour over ice. Add simple syrup. Grate lemon zest and add roses. Splash with rose syrup, pour soda and stir, you can shake it too if that’s your thing.

*Simple Syrup is 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. Combine ingredients in 2-quart heavy saucepan over medium-high heat and bring to a boil until sugar dissolves completely. Remove from the heat and pour into a clean air tight glass bottle (like the French Lemonade bottles with the old school airtight lock). Let cool completely before using.

What do you and your girls do to celebrate a Girls Night In?

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  • I will definitely be using these when my bff comes through this weekend. We haven’t chilled together in a while.

  • you know what

    this is sweet :)

    • Great! Those Clutch Roses are bound to be my new drink :)

  • TIN

    We are a group of 20 strong NYC ladies that have been getting together for fifteen years of Girls Night In that has evolved into a wonderful opportunity for us to travel together as just girlfriends or with our partners in tow. We set a calendar every May for the coming year of themed events which center around non-male bashing experiences. September is networking (bringing in enterpenuers to share their products), October a custom theme bash, (one year we had a wig and BINGO party everyone had to wear a wig and we played BINGO), November we generally don’t plan anything since we all traveling to visit family or friends. December our annual Xmas party and gift giving, and a male friend of ours plays Santa. We have travelled every May to Dominican Republic with our spouses/boyfriends, Had annual August spa days/overnights to the Jersey Shore, travelled to Boston and DC in July for an overnights of dinner and fun. Gone to off broadway or broadway productions, all in the name of sisterhood, because black girls do get along!

    • B

      That is beautiful! LOVE ON!!

  • Leanee Beanie

    I just wish my girls could find the time to get together. Some are working two jobs and only have Sundays off, and others have kids and can barely find a sitter…

  • Great!!! Those Clutch Roses are bound to be my new favorite drink :)