There are very few beauty brands catering to the diversity of women of color and even fewer specifically created with us in mind. We have such an array of complexions and even with all the advancements in the industry, very few companies have risen which meet our needs. That is until now.

black|Up Cosmetics is a beauty company created and specialized for women of color. Its products are just what we need and after twelve years running, the brand is starting to pick up steam in the United States.

Here are five reasons to check out the brand and spread the word:

1. The brand is gaining fans the world over.

Though started in France, black|Up has a strong international fan base with customers all over the world, speaking to the quality of the brand.

2. Each product was formulated to cater to women with deeper skin tones.

black|Up has foundations in an array of shades and textures as well as highly-pigmented eye shadows, lipsticks and so much more, all created to look amazing on deeper skin tones.

3. black|Up Cosmetics believes that every woman should have high-end products made just for her.

The idea behind the brand is not to exclude, but to include every woman, making her feel that she is special and worthy enough to have high-end products to use on her skin everyday.

4. The brand was started in France and is giving us a taste of French beauty and luxury.

As witnessed by Sonia Rolland, French women have an effortless beauty and elegance. black|Up is giving us a taste of that and showing us what French women like firsthand.

5. Rest assured knowing that there is finally a makeup brand created for women of color.

It has been a long time coming and there is finally a makeup brand made just for us. At our fingertips is a variety of products that meet all of our needs and so much more.

Visit www.blackupcosmetics.com for more information.

What do you think of black|Up Cosmetics? Will you be buying from the brand?

-Faith Cummings

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