Blogs are slowly, but surely taking over and now it is not only a necessity to sit front row, but to also be featured on one of the industry’s hottest street style blogs. It is a new phenomenon, but editors and the like are getting dressed solely to end up featured on a blog, not just having their name on their glossy’s masthead.

Runway looks are still of utmost importance, but people want to see how the “It” girls and tastemakers in fashion are interpreting the looks and giving them their own flair. Who cares if it walks down the runway if a select few of the sartorial elite aren’t going to put their own spin on it? This street style is becoming ever more important and even designers are being influenced by these figures, taking them on as muses and consultants for their brands.

The sidewalk has officially become the new runway. Here are 5 street style tastemakers that you need to know.

1. Tamu McPherson

Tamu’s blog All The Pretty Birds is one that everyone in the industry is dying to be featured on. Equipped with her camera and sky-high heels, she shoots the best dressed people all over the globe and often sits atop many best dressed lists herself.

2. Julia Sarr-Jamois

As the fashion editor of Wonderland Magazine, you cannot miss Julia’s larger than life afro and vibrantly colored ensembles. She commands attention wherever she goes and has become one of fashion’s most daring, wearing high-fashion looks with total ease.

3. Shala Monroque

Shala is known in the art, editorial and fashion worlds for refusing to conform to trends. Her blog Shala’s Rabbit Hole is a must-read.

4. Rog Walker

Rog is a New York City-based photographer who shoots the hottest faces from Coco & Breezy to Samantha Black. His images are dark, yet striking and he is slowly becoming a go-to to capture real-time style in gritty locations.

5. Marian Kihogo

Marian’s site features the hottest in fashion today: from shopping, to personal style to parties, it has it all. She isn’t afraid to mix prints, go for unusual accessories and travel the globe. You can find her at the hottest events and runway shows, setting her own trends.

What do you think of these five street style tastemakers? How do they influence and inspire you?

-Faith Cummings

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  • The streets have been and will always be the real runways when it comes to style. As a people we have always created something from nothing only to let others capitalize off of it. Where do you think they get their inspiration from??? From what I see the majority of women are fed images of celebrity style to emulate, which in my opinion really don’t have real personal style, but the contrived looks of a stylist. Very few have style worthy of copying unless it’s totally unique in look. You left out Karl Guerre of the blog Swagger 360 who is also a style icon and an influential blogger. If it wasn’t for Tommy Ton of Jak and Jill BLOG, no one would have even heard of Shala or Julia, none the less we love to see them and a diverse group of other stylish women and men who these blogs present.

    • OSHH

      “The streets have been and will always be the real runways when it comes to style”

      YESSSSSSSSSS and some designers like the late Versace acknowledged this, what we already know.

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  • Bonifant

    Yep all amazing talents. I’m pleased to look at your list and realize I’m already following all their blogs already.

  • love all of these sites!

  • jaleesarenee

    i love these!