From C+C — New York Fashion Week is less than a couple of months away and the fashion industry has been buzzing with the news of Kanye West’s possible runway debut. The “Louis Vuitton Don” himself has been rumored to be secretly working on a collection for both men and women and we are all literally at the edge of our seats waiting for more information and a sneak peek.

Though undeniably stylish and sartorially savvy, Kanye has the tendency to sometimes overdo it and take things in the wrong direction when they really could have been just right. Here are our five suggestions that he should keep in mind while putting the finishing touches on his collection.

1. Do not pay attention to gender roles.

Everyone had something to say when Kanye performed onstage at Coachella in a Céline tunic. For his collection, we would love to see him blur gender lines and present pieces that both men and women can wear.

2. Put black models on the runway.

Mr. West is all high-fashion and can probably name more models than even the most fashion conscious in the industry right now. What we would really like for him to do is continue to promote diversity and put models of color on the runway.

3. Do not sleep with your muse.

None of us have forgotten about Amber Rose and her love affair with Kanye. She started out as his muse and then it all turned sour. It’s best if he just focus on fashion and leave the drama for the clothing.

4. Take it from your fashion idol Phoebe Philo and keep it simple.

Kanye loves Phoebe Philo and she really has structured minimalist pieces to a science. Though he does flashy and eccentric quite well, a simple tailored collection could be a hit, on the runway and in stores.

5. Make us feel your clothes just like we feel your music.

He isn’t one of the world’s most popular artists for naught: Kanye truly is a musical genius. We hope that he gives us a great show on the catwalk and infuses his clothing with the same emotion that he does his songs.

What are you expecting from Kanye West’s runway debut?

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  • TimSoFamous

    I’m expecting rich colors, delicious fabrics, and an overall delightful line with roots in hip-hop culture, Italian art, and french structure. I can’t wait!!!

  • These are great suggestions. I can’t wait to see his new line!!

  • I love the way you write and I am looking at interviewing for my site. Just some general questions around fashion. Be good to hear from you.

    Kayne has a style for sure. He just needs to make it light (by feel) and it will work.


    Not only am i NOT interested in seeing his new “line” i am irritated by the outpouring of support for this pyschotic nutcase. Let’s talk about designers who have paid their dues and yet can’t afford to show at fashion week, and this guy frohawk and Luis Vuitton’s his self right to the front of the line. How about supporting INDY designers who use TALENT and not a great name and overplayed career to show at fashion week. We spend so much time supporting the same ones who make songs saying lyrics like “theres a thousand you’s and only one of me”, and talk about how they have all this money (COONERY at its finest), when they could care less about us. Roll up on this dude for an autograph and ask him for some help let’s see how quickly security is called.