Al Sharpton is known for his political work and media appearances, but according to the latest reports, the Rev could be up for a regular television gig.

According to Media Bistro’s TVNewser:

TVNewser hears (Ceynk) Uygur may be moved out of the 6pm hour, possibly to be replaced by Al Sharpton. When the host changes happened earlier this year, the 6pm hour was simply known as “MSNBC Live,” a telling sign that MSNBC was trying out Uygur.
Sharpton has hosted the 6pm show for the last two weeks. This past week, the hour was second, to Fox News, in A25-54 viewers Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

From MSNBC’s point of view, Sharpton has show promise as an on air host and could be a magnet go-to slot as election coverage heats up. In his three weeks subbing in for Uygur, Sharpton has done well with older viewers. And even in the 10 p.m. slot, which Sharpton filled last month for MSNBC, he posted above average numbers. Still, Sharpton’s people are denying “formal discussions” with the network about the job.

If MSNBC does indeed rope in Sharpton, he would be one of only three anchors of color on cable networks the entire day. In the company of anchors Tamron Hall and Richard Lui, Sharpton would become the only host on during the after-work primetime hours.

Earlier this month, the NAACP blasted CNN and other cable networks for the lack of diversity in their lineups. In a statement, NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous said:

“The NAACP is deeply concerned with the lack of African American journalists in prime time news, both on cable and national network news shows….We have come to expect this from the likes of Fox News, but not other networks. While we understand that news is now a 24-hour cycle, most Americans get their news from the morning and evening prime time broadcasts. We recognize and appreciate that MSNBC often has guest hosts like the Reverend Al Sharpton, and CNN, CBS and NBC have weekend anchors like TJ Holmes, Don Lemon, Russ Mitchell and Lester Holt. Nonetheless, we encourage all networks to acknowledge the talent that exists and to increase the diversity among their prime time anchors and hosts.”

What do you think of Sharpton’s supposed move to MSNBC? Weigh in Clutchettes- tell us what you think!

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  • Gigi Young

    Lololol….these corporations really know how to play us (black folks). Rather than name an up-and-coming black journalist/anchor, thereby giving black journalists/anchors an opportunity akin to the ones given to white journalists/anchors, they hire a known buffoon!!!

    • ……………..

      prime example that somebody’s always gonna have something to say.Can we praise the fact that we’re getting another BLACK face on television?shiiit!

    • Gigi Young

      Oh, so I guess we are supposed to celebrate MSNBC throwing black folks a bone, rather than a juicy porterhouse steak?

      As I stated: how is Al Sharpton’s gig a great thing or something to be proud of, when they could have appointed an erudite, knowledgeable and reputable black pundit in this position rather than the merry-go-round of Racism-chasers (Smiley, Jackson, Dyson, et al)? Why not a black woman in this position?

      Most importantly, this is just another distraction from the real issue raised by the NAACP: giving black pundits/journalists/anchors a chance to be where Anderson Cooper or Nancy Grace or Bill O’Reilly are on cable news. The hiring of Al Sharpton is a joke and I reiterate, just another instance of the mainstream gaming black people starved to see a black face–any black face, even they’re more concerned with lining their own pockets–in the public eye.

    • Jennifer

      NAACP working solely for the benefit of black men since its glory days. I guess complaining about having more black people (see: black men) on news network primetime slots was really to get their friend a job.

      Sharpton is a shameless media whore with an inflated sense of his importance. If he wants to be taken even marginally serious, he should stop relaxing his hair!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    uygur is better……..

    • marais morris

      uygur is rreally, really good, so i hope msnbc did not get RID of him. i just happen to like sharpton ALSO. there is room for BOTH of them.

  • justsaying_it

    I don’t understand why many black people are not liking him. Is it because white people hate him, and always complain and whining about Al Sharpton, and the NAACP, and how so called racist he is? It will be interesting to see him on, and I don’t think he is a buffoon.

    • Gigi Young

      He’s an opportunist, whose good intentions are far outweighed by his shameless race-hustling.

  • Rita G

    Rev Al unfortunately is so bad at reading from a teleprompter that it’s painful to watch him(I have to turn the channel). His lack of fluidity while attempting to read just makes him unacceptable as an anchor; Al is okay as a commentator because he’s speaking off the cuff but watching him makes me think he needs some remedial reading classes……I have emailed more than once that MSNBC needs needs some diversity from 5-10….so PLEASE get Ed Gordon or Don Lemon! Here’s a thought….why not let Micheal Steele host…hmmm, I think he read.