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  • Tifani

    I think she looks fresh only because I’m tired of seeing that bald head of hers!! It’s good to see her switch it up!!!!!!!!

  • I have a dress just like that from ASOS… except it’s a bit more structured… but it does make my booty pop! lol

  • lulu

    this is a case where the bald hair is better
    it makes her look stunning

  • This is so funny. When I had my hair shaved (pre AR) I would alternate between my big curly wig when I thought I was going to start growing it out. After a month I would get tired of the wig/my hair and buzz it all off again. I don’t like this wig on her only b/c it seems she took it out of the package, played with it a bit, and threw it on. I think it would look better had she/her hairstylist shaped it.

  • Me27

    like the hair…hate the dress