Feminine hygiene giant Summer’s Eve has been getting a lot of press lately. Their new ad campaign, “All Hail the V,” places vaginas at the center of a media blitz. Although many companies blatantly use sex and female sexuality to sell everything from burgers to new cars, rarely do our lady parts get their just due.

Despite the positive spin and power Summer’s Eve is trying to attribute to the vajajay, many have accused their latest ads of peddling in tired stereotypes. Along with the original commercial featuring famous women throughout history, their newest round of—let’s say—colorful ads, cater to women of different ethnicities.

Featuring talking vaginas, the latest “All Hail the V” ads showcases three different women—one Black, one Latina, and one white—speaking in what many consider a stereotypical manner. The Black vagina is predictably sassy, changes her hair, and talks about hitting the club. The Latina vagina speaks Spanglish and punctuates her sentences with “ay,” and “boo.” And the White vagina just sounds…well, White (I know, I know).

The Black version:

The Latina version:

The White version:

Although I understand the company’s need to appeal to all women, I wonder if they really had to tailor their ads specifically toward race?

What do you think, Clutchettes? Are the new Summer’s Eve ads racist or just a smart business move?



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