From The Grio — There should come a point in a politician’s career when they learn to abandon knee jerk reactions in order to make more credible statements that might actually advance their causes.

Unfortunately, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has yet to reach such a political epiphany. The Houstonian took to the House floor on Friday and openly opined on what she thinks is the main culprit behind largely Republican obstruction in the debt ceiling debate.

The congresswoman said, “I am particularly sensitive to the fact that only this president — only this one, only this one — has received the kind of attacks and disagreement and inability to work, only this one.” She asked that her colleagues “read between the lines.”

Not that they needed to, given she did so for them.

“Why is he different?” She asked before adding, “and in my community, that is the question that we raise. In the minority community that is question that is being raised. Why is this president being treated so disrespectfully?”

She also highlighted Sen. McConnell’s (R-KY) comments that his job is to bring President Obama down in the next election.

Jackson Lee’s declaration that race is to blame for President Obama experiencing unmatched levels of political opposition is a notion many cling to. Strength in numbers may help spread such a belief, though that doesn’t necessarily lend credence to it. Jackson Lee and others with this opinion seem to have formed it via revisionist history, paranoia, and a dash of dramatics.

I do not completely discount the role race has played in President Obama’s career.

It’s evident in how a band of intellectually deficient conspiracy theorists successfully distracted news cycles from more pressing matters with their ridiculous claims that Barack Obama isn’t aU.S. citizen. If one ever needs to poke holes at the fairytale that is “post-racial America,” they needn’t look any further than that non-story.

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