From Frugivore — Here is a story that won’t help dispel the stereotype that America is the fattest nation ever. Obesity rates climbed at least 90 percent in over 15 states from 1995 to last year, according to a report called F is for Fat published by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood johnson Foundation.

Nine of the ten states with the highest obesity rates are located in South, with Mississippi leading the way at 34.4%, followed by Alabama and West Virginia, respectively. Remember, West Virginia was the first state that British chef Jamie Oliver tried to exploit for ratings on his now-cancelled Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Not coincidentally, those aforementioned states also lead the nation in high blood pressure and diabetes.

The report highlights the strain obesity related illnesses place on public health providers, Medicare and Medicaid. Even though the authors called for the government to continue to fund programs that help combat these food-related conditions, they were silent on the impact the 1970’s Green Revolution has had on the doubling of serving sizes and the abundance of cheap subsidized corn, soy, wheat, and factory-farmed meat.

In a Boston Globe story, Harvard School of Public Health professor Steven Gortmaker feels that the food industry’s practices are contributing to the obesity epidemic. Gortmaker laments:

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