In the midst of a promotional whirlwind for her latest album, “4,” Beyoncé has been opening up a little bit more about her life, her marriage, insecurities, and now, her music.

After taking some time off to simply live and be inspired by life, the 29-year-old songstress has had a little time to reflect, and what she has to say may shock some of her stans.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, King Bey admitted that her last two albums were less than stellar.

Although some of her fans have been lukewarm to “4,” Beyoncé says she worked hard to make it a classic album, not just one filled with breakout singles.

“What I wanted to do was kind of go against the grain and try to put chords, and bridges, and lyrics, and music back on the radio and back on albums,” Beyonce told Access Hollywood. “I’m not sure. I think my first album was a classic album — the other two were great but I didn’t focus on that. I focused more on the singles — and this time I said ‘let me take it back to when people just listened from beginning to end.'”

What do you think, Clutchettes? Do you agree with Beyoncé? Is “4” a classic? Do you love it from beginning to end? 

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  • Jinx Moneypenny

    She didn’t call 4 a classic album; she said she worked hard to make it so. Doesn’t mean it is. Doesn’t mean she thinks it is either. She HOPES it is.

    To be honest I have always yearned for more from Bey, because the material she has been giving us since DIL hasn’t been anything to write home about, with the exception of Single Ladies which will probably last as an ‘It’ song for longer than people think. I’ve always wanted more because she has the chops for it; she’s always needed more depth in her lyrical content and vocal power and now she’s comfortable enough to give that, which I love.

    It’s probably why I prefer 4 over all the others. The closest to it is probably B’Day.

  • ms. carmen

    Girl, bye.

    As someone else said, as an artist, you don’t decide that your work is “classic” or not. Clearly B’s music is made for the masses (which is why it is so one-dimensional), and ultimately it’s up to the people who buy her stuff that make that decision.

    I swear this woman lives in an alternate universe.

  • TtotheK

    I’m not a fan of Beyonce’s music, but I think ‘4’ is her best album by far. I listened to the whole album and I’m impressed.

  • bigvinamac

    i’m sorry but dangerously in love was one of her best albums to date. i’m glad that she admitted that the other two albums she’s put out weren’t that great because i hated b-day. at first i thought 4 would suck because of run the world but after hearing most of the other albums, i can honestly say, this is her best album beyonce has put out in a while. no you can’t force a classic album but at least she is trying and giving us what people have been complaining about for years and that is real music. i’m glad she is giving the whole pop music a break and bringing us real music that is missing in this generation. i say give her some credit when it’s due.

  • foxynoir

    No classic albums, but then who has, I’m slightly younger than B, but I haven’t heard a classic album in a minute. Ahem……..except for my girl jilly from philly! Her last album slayed. Newho….I agree with some1 above, dangerously then bday then I am….they’ve pretty much gone downhill IMO.