0041om-300x505Sure it’s hard to believe Beyonce could find a flaw on her seemingly perfect physique but the truth is each of us have some body part that we had to grow to love. Hers? Her feet and ears. On a special with ITV called “A Night with Beyonce,” and airing in December, she says: “If I could change one part it would be my feet. After all the years dancing they’re a little beat up. And I wear big earrings because I don’t like my ears.”

As soon as I read the quote, I understood. Like Beyonce, I spent most of my formative years dancing and performing, and the wear and tear started to show on my feet. Add to that the fact that my toes were longer than most (they’re still that way, shaped like fingers) and I desperately wished I could just saw them off at the ankles.

I was teased mercilessly by friends and family alike and refused to show my toes—even in the summertime. While I was never able to change my feet completely (I do give them some extra TLC with pedicures and foot cream now that’s helped a lot), what I have changed is my outlook.

We all have a beautiful feature—be it flawless skin, a bright smile, pretty eyes—that we sometimes overlook focusing on that one perceived flaw. I’m sure if we changed our focus, we’d find that the insecurity we obsessed over didn’t deserve any of the attention and power we gave it. Accepting and embracing my feet, or for Beyonce, her feet and ears, is just one step forward on the journey toward loving ourselves, flaws and all.

What body part have you struggled to embrace? How have you overcome your insecurity about it?

-Jessica C. Andrews


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