News just broke that 27-year-old British singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment. The Daily Mail, BBC and other news sources have confirmed that the troubled singer was found at 4 p.m. local time. Her death is currently under investigation.

Winehouse, who struggled with drug addiction, had been keeping a low profile since canceling her European tour last month after a show in which she appeared to be extremely intoxicated. She was spotted earlier in the week at the iTunes music festival helping to promote her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield.

Winehouse burst onto the scene at the age of 20 with her critically acclaimed album, “Frank,” and became an international sensation with the release of her album, “Back to Black.” Known for her big voice, she easily mixed jazz, R&B, and soul music to craft her signature sound.

Amy Winehouse will be remembered not only for her personal demons, but also for her mesmerizing voice, intensely honest lyrics, and raw stage performance.

Check out Amy Winehouse doing what she did best.

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  • KeeKee

    Sad she’s gone so soon at the early age of 27, but this woman was a poor lost soul and its nobodys fault but hers. I hope she’s RIP, but I dont know. These celebs are pitiful. All they do is party and waste their money on drugs and alcholol. Its sad. And if this is what its like having fame & fortune then you can keep it.

  • KeeKee

    BTW, the only song I liked of hers is Rehab. Maybe if she’d went to rehab she’d be alive today. So instead of saying NO NO NO she shouldve said YES YES YES. (not trying to be funny)