We live in a day where society glorifies all things celebrity. Don’t believe me? Turn on the television and you can pick between “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous or “True Hollywood Story.” We buy into products just because a famous face is linked to it, and we’re even starting to take the advice of some of our favorite stars.

Singers, comedians, actors, and even our First Lady of the United States are among the many that can now add author to their already impressive resume. While First Lady Michelle Obama’s upcoming book will be about the garden she has established on the South Lawn of the White House (to promote healthier eating habits for families), other celebrity topics range from sex and relationships to being better men and women, reaching personal goals and secrets to losing weight.

While I have no qualms about using star power to sell books, a set of questions always come to mind before I ultimately decide to make a purchase. What qualifications do you have to make yourself an expert? What is your motive? And more importantly, when you strip away the celebrity and catchy title, do their beliefs line up with mine? We’re so quick to support and invest in someone else’s future (yes, selling books is quite lucrative – for the writer and the publisher. So much so that a sequel is often the result), when we have no real reason behind it.

So I wonder, as you pass the display of the latest celebrity author, who is offering their latest and newest advice, do you stop? And if so, what draws you in? Is it the famous face? Do you actually identify with what the book may be about?

Speak out Clutchettes. I want to know what motivates you to buy a celebrity self help book? Does their advice really make a difference?

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