After a five month solo stint, Elliot Spitzer has officially received the boot from CNN. The former New York governor, who had headlined his own show, ‘In The Arena’ following co-host Kathleen Parker’s departure earlier this year, will apparently be leaving the news network after poor ratings and internal questioning of the strength of the slot.

Now, with Spitzer gone, CNN is doing what many watchers feel is long overdue- moving Anderson Cooper in to the primetime spotlight. The network announced the silver fox himself will be bumped up into the 8 P.M. slot, giving him access to a larger audience and a time slot where seniors are still awake.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, CNN/U.S. Executive Vice President Ken Jautz says the shuffle is part of a larger move to get the network back to the kind of programming the brand was known for.

“We have a lineup that underscores our commitment to quality journalism,” added Jautz.

Cooper’s show, he said, “is our flagship program. It’s best to put your flagship program in your marquee hour. And the shows at 8 o’clock are representative of what the news networks stand for.”

For the second quarter 2011 ratings period, CNN posted double-digit year-over-year gains in total day and primetime. But the network still finished the quarter behind MSNBC, which posted more marginal gains during a newsy second quarter that included the killing of Osama bin Laden and continued unrest in the Arab world.


What do you think of the shakeup at CNN? Will you miss Spitzer? Are you happy Anderson is moving to primetime? Weigh in Clutchettes and gents- tell us what you think!

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  • Tiggy

    Spitzer brought a real know how to the program. He could analyze situations with the best of them. I think he should have been given more time on his own as he really spoke out and didn’t seem to add his own bias to any situation.
    Anderson will need to keep it more serious, ( forget about Cathy!!!) and keep the political info open and fair. He is great at 10:00, but can he hold his own at 8? I can’t wait to see as I personally really like Anderson.

  • linda

    Spitzer is great…. Anderson is boring…..and they play him over and over and over.
    CNN…10 minutes of news played over and over.

    There is plenty of news CNN just doesn’t report it.

    Haven’t heard much on all the gun running to Mexico. Did it ever stop after Iran Contra?

    Show us why the UK says parts of the cities are under Sharia law and police won’t go there.

    And there is much more, they say Americans are ignorant, well perhaps the MSM could prevent much of that!

  • Pat Napolitano

    I liked Elliot Spitzer he is a very smart man and I like Cooper he handles a crises the best. Each one has a different perspective so each is needed. I think ratings were involved. I am wondering why they moved Wolf Blitzer to an earlier time. That does not seem like a good move to me. I, personally, do not like his kind of asking questions but my husband watches him so naturally I do also. He seems to always be looking for someone to say something negative especially on our president. Also you always have the same commentators so it is kind of obvious who they will defend and who they will not Mary against Donna. Same old..same old. Time to try others who might just give you some different viewpoints. Besides I am a big MSNBC fan because that is where you actually find out what is happening with government not just opinions…pure facts. I love Schultz so my lineup at night is Schultz, Maddow and O”Donnell. There were times when I would switch to Cooper at 10 but I will not switch at 8 because Schultz is out there with the public and tells it like it is.