From Frugivore — Fast food chains are not only serving up a cheap, fun eating experience to children; They are now entering the liquor business to bring back adults who may have been turned off by all those “pesky” reports that show links between their food and obesity, hypertension, and almost all food-related illnesses and diseases.

What genius! Capitalism at work! It’s definitely signaling you can have it “your way.”  But, it’s certainly not innovative!

Chipotle Mexican Grill was one of the first large scale fast-food restaurants in the U.S. to obtain a liquor licenses for a majority of their joints.  Now some fast-food restaurants are seeing the advantages of serving alcohol alongside what some would call items akin to “bar food.”  Longer visits and dining-in are some of the advantages Chipotle has and their competition wants.

Overseas, alcohol has been on the menu at McDonalds since the 1970′s. It’s also major staple now in many Starbucks in the Northwest.

According to USA Today, two Sonic burger franchises will start serving beer and wine to keep pace with Burger King’s newly implemented “Whopper Bars,” which are now operational in Miami, Las Vegas, and Kansas City.

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