As potentially damning information about his accuser has surfaced, Dominique Stauss-Kahn was released from house arrest today. The prosecution has stated that “The case has been affected” by a connection made between his alleged victim and drug dealers, but that charges are still pending.

Because a woman who has connections to dealers can’t get raped? Huh.

As Jezebel’s Anna North laments the tie between the accusers life and Strauss-Kahn’s alleged assault:

“Some have speculated that the charges against DSK could eventually be reduced to a misdemeanor, which sends a confusing message — did Strauss-Kahn sort of assault someone? Is assaulting a perfect victim a felony, while assaulting a woman who may have been connected to criminals, and who also sometimes drank alcohol, is something less? If Strauss-Kahn is actually innocent, what would the misdemeanor charges be for? Above all, the key question about the new developments in the Strauss-Kahn case is this: do prosecutors think the accuser was actually lying about her assault, or do they simply believe that the details about her past irrevocably discredit her in the eyes of a potential jury?

The Manhattan DA’s office released a letter today detailing issues from the accuser’s past that may have an impact on the trial; among them, she initially told lawyers that she had been a victim of a gang rape in her home of Guinea, but later stated that she was raped under different circumstances. She claimed another person’s child to get a bigger tax refund. While the former will certainly raise eyebrows, neither of these things mean that this woman was not raped by Strauss-Kahn. We can only hope that he is charged accordingly to the crime that he has been accused of (not based on the accuser’s “character”) and that a fair trial is held.



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  • marais morris

    dominique stauss-kahn, one of the richest men in the world and in charge of every man’s money, had either just had sex or masturbated [same thing to him]; however, he has taken Cialis which warns that you can be left with a four hour erection and that had apparently happened to him. keep in mind, now, that he has a reservation for a plane that’s leaving in a few so there’s no real time to go out and find a cheap hooker to finish the job. so there he is wondering what to do with this looming problem of his [cause how do you board a plane in all your finery and prestige with a full blown erection facing everyone?]. so he is in the bathroom [doing whatever] when suddenly — to his complete astonishment and outrageously good fortune, who should walk into his room but a young, slim, BLACK gorgeous woman who is also illegal and a maid. what great luck for him because he knows three things [1] slavery is not over when it comes to black people [2] he can afford the best lawyers in the world if he should get caught [which he thinks that he probably won’t be caught since he has done this kind of thing numerous times before] and most of all [3] his wife is a blooming idiot. so he tries to rape her but, damn it, she fights back. so, in this struggle, he is able to get her into a headlock and the only [and next best] thing he can do is to force her into oral sex. he then leaves and boards his plane. the fact that she had previously lied to get the hell out of a hellhole of a country in order to get to the united states sounds oka to me. who wouldn’t lie, steal or cheat to get out of a horrendous country and into a good one? the are also trying to say that she is a drug dealer which conjures up images of heroin or meth or worse, crack. but this jailed man that she knows had been arrested for POSSESSION OF A LARGE QUANTITY OF M A R I J U A N A!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why this was never mentioned in the papers or on television is a mystery [or is it?] and even when it is mentioned, it is an afterthought, mentioned quickly or written brieflyh so that no one even notices it. she knows someone in jail? who doesn’t know someone in jail. i have relatives in jail yet i don’t smoke, drink or take drugs. and retired over a decade ago from thrity years of teaching with a squeaky clean record. does that mean i should abandon my jailed relatives. oh, i forgot, i have 2 relatives who are ON DRUGS! should i turn my back on them also. they are still m relatives. none of this means that this woman or any woman should be RAPED or forced into any kind of sex act just because this deranged piece of shyte decides he needs a woman. and, this may seem totally unrelated, but i recently read about a man who hid in a porta-potty so he could be the ultimate peeping tom and when he was discovered, the plastic he had covered himself with was “awash” with feces. how different is dominique straus-kahn from this man?

  • Huh

    I problem is with none of those things…I’m an immigrant and they’re a lot of people who lie to get a visa, or do other things like marry a friend to get a green card. I want to know about the phone call she allegedly made to someone in prison the day after the attack making statements implying she could make money from the accusation. I want them to release that tape so i can make a better judgment.

  • Alexandra

    I don’t know what to think of this case anymore. Whatever…

  • Blutopaz

    I am confused about who discovered these relevations, the DA’s office or defense? And good point about trying to figure out if DSK is MORE guilty if her past was squeeky clean. Any event, after the NYPD rape cop acquittals this is looking esp. bad. They were saying in the paper yesterday this maid is a prostitute who was sent to the exclusive hotel by her agency because of her “special talents’, which makes no sense to me at all. It’s like a really messed up Law & Order episode. Whatever indeed…