The term “supermodel” doesn’t solely belong to women. World-renowned male model Tyson Beckford owns the phrase as well, jetsetting from coast to coast in style and posing as the face of fashion megabrands like Ralph Lauren.

Tyson lives on the red carpet, whether he be at high-profile fashion events or movie premieres. His style is flawless and it is helped by his dashing good looks. He looks great in everything from a tuxedo to a v-neck tee and sneakers.

His years in the fashion industry have really made him aware of what looks good on his body, without going for safe ensembles. He can go for bright colors and edgy detailing, but his choice of designs are fairly simple, highlighting his chiseled physique and giving him a sense of sophistication and true style no matter what he opts for. His arms boast tattoo sleeves, giving him a bad boy flair. Naturally, he carries off street style quite well, but it never hurts to see him in a suit, putting his modeling skills to great use.

Do you like Tyson dressed up or dressed down? Do you prefer to see him rock casual ensembles or high-fashion suits?

-Faith Cummings

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