Jewelry accessories have the power to change up and add to your total look. Whether you are trying to go tribal, sophisticated or funky, there are accessories out there that will successfully contribute to your look of the moment. There are so many new, old and amazing jewelry designers out there who have unique pieces that you should consider adding to your collection. To help guide your search for unique, trendy and innovative jewelry collections, we have put together a list of up and coming diverse jewelry designers to be on the look out for.

1. Barbara Campbell

Cuban American jewelry designer, Barbara Campbell is known for her unique statement pieces and designs. Based in Brooklyn her collections are created using techniques like wrapping, braiding knotting and crocheting. She designs for the urban chic woman who also appreciates nature.

2. Tasha West

Tasha West is an FIT graduate who has been taking the jewelry world by storm with her unique gold, copper, metal and bronze pieces. She is best known for her awe striking cuffs and earrings that depict mythical and astrological signs. Her designs have been worn on the arms of Erykah Badu, and have been featured in Italian Vogue.

3. Nyne Lyves

Nyne Lyves is a youthful and innovative designer who is not afraid to think outside of the box. She designs for the individual who is proud to be themselves. Her most popular pieces are her nose chain earrings, which can be seen on celebrities like Shanell from Young Money. Ultimately, her jewelry provokes thought and conversation, and is used to inspire.

4. Shauna Neely

Shauna Neely is a self-taught NY-based jewelry designer who has already experienced so much success in the industry. She maintains a casual approach to jewelry design using metals to create beautiful pieces that have caught the eyes of celebrities like Alicia Keys and Beyonce. Her jewelry collections have also been featured on the pages of Lucky and People magazines.

5. Sheenan Bond and Cherise Trahan Miller for Adha Zelma

Long time best friends, Sheenan Bond and Cherise TrahanMiller, created the jewelry line Adha Zelma out of their passion for creativity and passion for handcrafted pieces. Their designs are both sophisticated and earthy, and have been seen on women like Jennifer Lopez and Keri Hilson.

-Chelsey Wilkins

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