From The Grio — After hearing the ignorance that oozed from Colin Cowherd’s mouth the other day, I have no doubt that if he didn’t know already he would swear up and down that Tom Brady is black.

A few years back, Brady, the three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of the New England Patriots, knocked up his girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan, and then promptly cut out on her, leaving her to attend Lamaze class all by her lonesome.

Pure class.

Brady left his pregnant girlfriend for another woman, so-called supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and eventually married and fathered a child with her.

Presented with this scenario and not knowing that Brady is indeed white, one has to assume that Cowherd would automatically say that Brady is black, and that this is stereotypical black male behavior. After all, Cowherd, a loudmouth ESPN screamer who apparently sees himself as part sports talking head and part Daniel Patrick Moynihan, ready and willing to dole out misinformation and snake oil to anyone who tunes in.

Shortly into John Wall’s rookie season in Washington, Cowherd concocted a wacky correlationbetween Wall growing up without his father in his life translating into what will be Wall’s inability throughout his career to be a true leader.

Uh, what? Nobody with half a brain believes this, especially the people who are paid to buildNBA franchises. But Cowherd too often engages in stereotyping to cover up his lack of understanding of the sports he is paid to talk about.

Earlier this week he was at it again, proclaiming that the NFL, with its majority of players being black and reared in single-parent homes headed by women, couldn’t possibly be prepared to handle the stern discipline coming from Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Cowherd employs the work of another pop sociologist masquerading as a sports columnist to back him up when he refers to a recent piece by CBS’ Gregg Doyle. In the piece, Doyle miscasts as a widespread a feeling among black NFL players and media outlets that the commissioner is purposely disciplining black players more than whites.

Please, with the possible of exception of the James Harrison’s rant last week, nobody in theNFL is calling Goodell racist. As defined at dictionary.com, a racist holds a “belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.”

I guarantee you that neither Doyle nor Cowherd, who probably hardly ever sets foot inside of anNFL or NBA locker room, is privy to one conversation involving an African-American athlete who shares these views.

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  • You’re giving Colin WAAAAY too much credence, He’s a sports talking head. YOu can’t put but so much into his knowledge about anything other than sports.

  • What do you expect? White sportscasters always say slick stuff in the media. Nobody ever checks them for it. I wonder what would happen if something was said about Hispanic players would people go crazy. Something to think about.


  • Natselect

    The sports journalism industry is a twisted place. The majority of all the journalist are athletically challenged white males who have NEVER EVER played the game at the level that they are paid to be expert commentators on. It’s one of the only industries that such a dynamic is allowed. A lot of this resentment is caused by the hate and envy that most of these white journalist feel towards these black men who were given an athletic gift that white men as a whole were excluded from…… and they hate it. But these racist jelous journalist also know that if we remove unrulely black athletes from the game and relied solely on white talent, there would be no professional sports industry.

    Racism, hate, and being athletically challenged sucks….. get over it WB.

  • Jeramie Tate

    It’s amazing Cowherd feels he has to use racial stereotypes to move the rating needles. I can’t listen to him because his opinions aren’t based on any type of truth. Every year I watch ESPN and other media outlets go on campaigns persuading viewers why so called blacks can’t play quarterback. Winning isn’t enough! I’ve witness Vince Young get run out of Tennessee after winning 75% of the games he started. No one bothers to check the stats when they claim Warren Moon isn’t a hall of fame QB. It would be great to have other media outlets that were more objective.