From Vibe Vixen — Being a Vixen is about knowing yourself, and that very much includes knowing your body!

Need a quickie during your morning shower? Ready to de-stress after a hard day at work? Been away from your lover for too long? Grab your purse or unlock that private drawer, it’s time to get one of those toys.

As you probably know, not every orgasm requires another human; women have owned sex toys for decades. Call it masturbation or “self-love,” it’s essential that you explore your body and learn to pleasure yourself. Get yours without him or her!

Below is a list of the most popular sex toys for your viewing pleasure:

The Rabbit
If you’re a Sex and The City junkie, you’ve already heard about the wonders of the Rabbit. In its most simplistic form, the bunny ears vibrate on your clit as the dildo piece rotates to hit your g-spot. It’s like an orgasm magnet! Sometimes, the Rabbit comes with rotating beads sealed in the center that will work the opening of your vagina. Or if you’re into anal play, you can order one with an anal extension. Whatever your desire, the Rabbit is a perfect device for intense orgasmic bliss.

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