Ford+, the fast growing branch in one of the top modeling agencies, has turned up the heat. Over the weekend, a promotional shoot was done with only models of color which was probably a ripple effect of last month’s “blond story” featuring only blond plus-size models.

There were five beauties that graced the cameras including Bre Joyner,Marquita Pring and Damaris Lewis. I think they all look quite fabulous and they bring some diversity to Ford as well.

It remains to be seen if the promo will result in forward progress and diversity. My hope is that it will encourage Ford’s clients like magazines and advertisers to use brown faces as well.

What do you think of the promo pic? Is it a gimmick like last month’s blonde story or a sign of forward progress?

-Krystal Holmes



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  • of course it’s a gimmick & has been done before..nonetheless i love to see women of color working :-)

  • I hope this is a step in the right direction. I am sick of seeing beauty only shown on the different version of the same white girls (or models who appear to be white). I just had a convo today saying that USA is a melting pot and as such should show a melting pot of beauty. We should be able to REGULARLY see models of color on runways, magazine covers, commercials, and mass advertising. The point of all the advertising is for companies to get that dough (lol) so they need to stop selectively using black and models of color, isn’t green the only color they really care about anyway???? BYTW, that pic was hot. I am sick of the colonialized view of models that the media tends to put out, like the trend to Alek Wek (who is amazing, but still) type models, or mixed race only type models. I want to see Black American (and Caribbean) looking models who also don’t fit the typical African features. I think alot of times companies, specifically white ones, have a tendency to try to show a striking difference between Euro beauty and African beauty, almost like blacks only come in one way and only look like this, while white women are shown in many different ways, long hair, short hair, pale, tanned, blond, brunette, redhead, androgynous, sexy siren, boho, quirky, downtown, upscale, etc. We are generally only shown as THREE things in the media: mammy (Aunt Jemima-esque), hoe/gold digger (video girl), and African model. THAT’s it!!!!!! It’s ridiculous. The same different types of white women exist in black women and we don’t all like Baby Phat or wear Jordans.

  • If it is a gimmick, we can still use it to our advantage.

  • OM BLEEPING God! If they only used white models the article would be why were black models left out. If they used half and half people would be up set on the poses. If they used one (black or white) and another race the word Token would be tossed around more that a volley ball in the 80s. I will only type this once! Stop looking for a reasons to be sad/angry! Are the models upset? No! So STFU!