There’s a good chance that somewhere right now, Spike Lee is rocking a Knicks Jersey and singing the hook to Maino’s “Million Bucks.”

According to Agence France Press, a Paris court has ordered a French production to pay Spike Lee damages for breaching their contract to distribute one of his films internationally.

The court said TF1 Droits Audiovisuels, a subsidiary of the broadcaster, failed to honour its agreement to distribute “Miracle at St. Anna” in markets across the world, excluding the United States, Canada and Italy.

The company signed an agreement in 2007 with On My Own production company to bring the film, about the overlooked contribution of African-American soldiers in World War II, to global markets.

The film hit US cinema screens in the United States in 2008 but it was never released internationally because TF1 said the version of the film it received did not conform to what it had been promised.


While the TF1 was ordered to pay up $46 million, Spike will be seeing only a sliver of that total. The company is paying $29 million in damages, with only $1 million going to Spike. An additional $18 million will be going to BNP Paribas bank who helped fund the project.

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